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Hey all, I hope this is the right place to post this. I'm a professional tester and longterm dwth user.

I have time to volunteer to test something:
I have access to an up-to-date HP ALM I may play with in whatever way I please for a couple of weeks, though I'll probably only spend ~20-30h on this, mostly this week. (Unless it takes over my life, which is possible.) My aim is to train myself in HP ALM assisted automation testing, i.e. UFT, which I've yet to branch out into.

Obviously I could just make up a fictional release, probably by writing a wildly useless test plan for a fictional augmented reality app. But I thought I'd ask: is there any area of dreamwidth that needs testing done? You know, even regression, whatever you need. That would actually be a productive use of my time that others could profit from, so I'd love that.

Future use:
Unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to export the automated tests, though I probably could easily export the manual teststeps and general test plan for later use.

Duration of volunteering, timeframe, contact:
Like I said above, I'm planing on spending around 20 to 30hours on this, including the time it takes me to teach myself. I imagine the actual time I could test, which would include writing the testcases though not the planing, would thus be around ten hours.

Since I basically only have time to do this this week, feel free to answer here, shoot me emails at glittertine at gmail, message me, get into contact however you want. I can also do skype/hangouts if you poke me beforehand. I'm in the CET timezone.

btw - this is not limited to dwth. I any of you have any other project you can think off, please do point me. Just thought I'd start here.

Date: 2016-06-06 10:43 pm (UTC)
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First, this sounds like it might be super helpful!

[site community profile] dw_dev is probably the best place to get dev feedback on most-wanted.

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